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It’s great to have you here, however it’s probably because you’ve got a tricky design situation. At Amory Interiors, we focus on creating a space for you that is top-notch and realistic for your lifestyle. Want to hear the good news? We’re here to guide you through the process! Whether you are feeling confused by colors, or wondering how on earth you’re going to fit everyone in for Sunday night dinners, we’ve got just the solution for you.

Here at Amory Interiors, we are an enthusiastic team— backed by leading warehouses, trades and specialists — we promise to pour our hearts into your project, making it all come together in a way that feels just right.

When it comes to designing the perfect space, the right items make all the difference! At Amory Interiors, we spend a lot of time hunting down high-quality, unique pieces for your home because, with us, it’s always about finding the beauty in flow. 

With our flexible interior design services, you’re the boss of your space. Want to renovate just one room? No problem. Feeling ambitious and ready to overhaul the whole space? We’re here for it! Amory Interiors will be right there by your side — fuelled by a fair amount of coffee, of course. Because let’s face it, creativity flows better with caffeine!



Picture this: a one-stop service where we handle every little detail of your project, from dreamy design concepts to tracking down the perfect finishes. At the end of the journey, you’ll step into a space that feels like home in every way.

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We love sitting down with our clients to fully understand their vision and goals. Let’s transform your space into a place you will love — starting with a conversation!

$225 (plus applicable taxes)


A personalized solution if you’re tackling smaller projects or prefer a more hands-on approach with a touch of expert guidance. From design concepts to 3D room design, renovation selections, furnishing, and styling; with our guidance, your project is bound for success!

From $225 (plus applicable taxes)

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Our Story

Meet Darci, the creative force behind Amory Interior Design! Darci’s journey into interior design has been a lifelong love affair with decor and design. Her knack for bringing out emotions through space shines through in every project she takes on.

With her background in design studies, Darci took the leap to start Amory Interior Design. Her mission? It’s all about helping clients — whether they’re old friends or new friends — create homes that perfectly blend personalized functionality with a timeless, welcoming vibe. Whether she is brainstorming with clients, scoping out the newest trends, or finding inspiration exploring quaint towns and the countryside, Darci always brings the creativity and warmth that defines Amory Interior Design.

When she is not knee-deep in a design project, Darci can be found soaking up the sun at the local park with her kiddos and friends during the summer months. During the winter, she is cozied up with popcorn, watching Home Alone 2 or shuttling kids to hockey and figure skating. Darci’s love for the pop music of the 2000s and a good shopping spree in Minot — especially if it involves a white cherry ICEE — adds an extra layer of fun to her already bubbling personality!

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